O U R    M I S S I O N
  Our mission is to:
  • To provide Practical, Educational, Entertaining and Rewarding training to the legal, banking, business, accounting and education communities by way of interactive and high impact experiential workshops.
  • To provide legal, banking, accounting, finance, tax, trading, logistics, insurance, commercial, translation and management consultancy and expert witness services to clients.
  Since 1998, Mr. Fung has been invited to conduct over 130 legal and banking workshops in Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries to over 5,800 lawyers, bankers and business executives and over 4,000 members of the education sector have attended our interactive workshops with excellent feedback.
   T R A C K   R E C O R D S
The Law Society of Hong Kong
A majority of our public courses are approved by The Law Society of Hong Kong as part of their "Continuing Professional Development" ("CPD") program which is a mandatory education program for all solicitors in Hong KongInternational Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
We have jointly organized a series of interactive training workshops and forum with
  • ICC-Asia,
  • ICC-China,
  • ICC-HK, China Business Council,
in both Hong Kong, the PRC and overseas.
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